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Unique Features of Golf Shops in Australia

The history of Golf in Australia dates back as far as the 1820s by some early Scottish settlers. But it was not until around the 1830s that the first golf course was finished in Ratho, Tasmania. This landmark event would go so far as to determine the future of the richest sport in the world. Following this establishment of the first golf course, Australia formed the Australian Golf Club in 1882 and the Royal Melbourne Club in 1891, competing for the oldest club in Australia. Click here to learn more about Golf Shops.

The Australian weather and sunny climate make the country very suitable for the outdoor game of golf, which can be available all year round. Presently, Australia boasts of over 1500 golf courses, one of the highest you can find in any country worldwide. These golf courses also have some highly fascinating features such as golf clubs, high driving ranges, and professional golf specialists as coaches. These coaches will help golfers to improve their expertise and skills. 

Unique Features of Golf Shops in Australia

This article discusses some of the other unique features of golf shops that you can find in Australia:

Features of Golf Shops in Australia

Starting a Golf Career

Taking up a golf career in Australia is an exciting decision to make, especially if you are ready to do whatever it takes. However, there are different programs to start with and diverse golf clubs or associations you can join. The method of growing your golfing career in Australia is also essential for attaining various levels of expertise in playing. For instance, this scheme can help new golfers to achieve handicaps, enroll in competitions or join a golf club. visit to learn more about Golf Shops.

In addition, popular golf shops in Australia can also engage new amateur golfers with professional teaching. More so, it is possible to get training from the professional even if you are not registered in a club. But it may involve adherence to set rules and regulations as well as dress codes. Moreover, non-members may have some limitations in the available benefits in a golf course. 

Golf Associations in Australia

Golf Australia is a national sporting association that oversees the affairs of golf in Australia. Some of the particular duties involve running handicapping and course rating systems with some special schemes to encourage more participation. GA is also associated with the Royal & Ancient Golf Club while sharing some general rules from top golf associations worldwide. For instance, the game rule in Australia is similar to what is applicable in America and European countries. 

Therefore, the first acceptable way to register as a golfer in Australia is to note Golf Australia at 95, Coventry Street South Melbourne. Alternatively, you can send a mail to them with a description of your golfing experience, expectations, and career goal. Joining a golf association is a formal way of making your career intentions clear and officially register for the primary competitions in Australia at different professional levels. you can learn about the golf school Instruction by clicking here.

Locate a Golf Club

Perhaps, this feature should even have come as the number one. Playing golf in Australia involves searching for a great golf club. When you identify a golf club with the essential features you expect to find, you can register with the club. As a new finder, you can even search for golf clubs in their area through online channels. On the other hand, you can search for golf clubs through your state golf associations.

Each of the State Associations usually is responsible for overseeing the affairs of golf in that state. At the same time, the associations promote golf locally and create competitions to enhance players’ development irrespective of the level of playing experience. Besides, many Australian states have peculiar platforms for joining them, e.g., Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, Tasmania, and Northern territory. 

Golf Handicaps and Ratings

While Golf Australia is in charge of the affairs of the handicap system of playing golf in Australia, other associated golf clubs can handle handicap systems. The affiliation of state associations is also assumed to be part of the responsibility of state golf clubs. Therefore, any other body that is not unaffiliated cannot issue a handicap because it cannot be recognized. These handicaps can carry different codes and standards of use for both male and female golfers.

A player’s home golf club is responsible for allotting handicaps based on all scores of an 18-hold single-stroke competition round. When you take the average of the best ten differentials from a player’s top twenty most recent scores. The output is then multiplied by 0.96. Each differential refers to the difference between the course rating and a gross score. Meanwhile, Australia has a digital handicapping system called the Golf Link, which may require a swipe card for players to gain access. Golf Links also allows golf players to update their handicap information on the system and access it at different golf terminals across Australia. 

Fees and Facilities

Playing golf comes at a cost, but the price may vary from one golf club to another. For instance, some clubs charge players and subscribers yearly, while others charge them to peruse. However, joining for annual fees, especially in private clubs, can significantly benefit the player, new or old. Note that private golf clubs can be expensive to enter. It may take a reasonable period to admit the new players.

There is also a term called the “green fee” that refers to the opportunity to players to simply turn up in clubs and play. However, not all golf shops offer this particular service, and a new player may have to ask specifically. The golf club may add the advantage of gree fee play with the club access in such cases. In addition to the basic fees and available facilities in a golf club, other options include a catering service, bars, and coaching programs to give golfers a great experience. 

Unique Features of Golf Shops in Australia


On a final note, there are many other beautiful features of leading a successful golfing career in Australia. And these features may include transferring a handicap and handling course ratings. In addition, as a golfer is building up a career, it must also be done from the proper perspective while starting from the basics. At the same time, you can engage in national squads and international competitions such as the Australian PGA Tour, Australia Open Golf, and the Australia Masters.