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Where do you play the golf ball in your stance? Well that’s a question I’m often asked and it’s tough to answer for this reason: where are you playing it now? Do you know? It isn’t what you might think. It is difficult to tell. Here’s how you can do it. Place a club on the ground aimed at the target either right outside the ball or between your feet and the ball. Be sure it is aimed at the target. Stand parallel to the club on the ground. Now take another club and place it perpendicular to the one on the ground. Take a tee and draw a line in the dirt along that club. Now use that line to position your ball in your stance. Be it middle, back or forward, the only way you’ll know is to place the ball on that line and see where it is relative to your stance. Typically those who slice will find it forward of where they think it is, and those who tend to hook the ball will find it further back. There’s a good reason for this anomaly: that’s where you tend to bottom out.  Where should it be? Well the answer is obvious but with this caveat: it should be where you bottom out but don’t move it to adjust to a swing FAULT! In other words, if you’re hitting it fat and move it back you may be making the problem worse. I’ll do a video on this topic at some other time, but this little drill should help you find where you actually have the golf ball positioned. Remember: too far back pushes it, hooks it and de-lofts it. Too far forward pulls it, slices it, and hits it higher. One last point to consider: any higher than normal shot (over a tree, from a green side bunker) should be forward and any lower shot  (under a tree, bumping and running) should be back (video to follow).   Good luck, DC